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23.02.2015 Nova Check - Maintenance valves de sécurité sans interruptions de production.

09.12.2014 Marco Schade appointed CEO of Nova Werke AG as of January 1st, 2015

15.07.2014 Nova Werke AG among the finalists of „René Wasserman Award 2014“

The René Wasserman Award is conferred every 3 years at the ITSC (International Thermal Spray Conference) in Europe on an innovative enterprise which is active in the field of thermal spraying. The winner must fulfil stringent criteria of both an economic and social nature. The initiator, Christopher Wasserman, set the value of the award at 10,000 Swiss Francs.

19.02.2014 Vent de MEK Holding SA

30.09.2011 Supplier award for outstanding quality and on-time delivery performance
Nova Werke AG has recently
received the 2011 supplier award from Wärtsilä.

02.05.2011 Expansion with modern surface technology and entire infrastructure
The Swiss inventor Max Ulrich Schoop did not only develop the method of aluminum welding, but also the spray metallization method, which was named after him. Thus corrosion protective coatings could be applied with the help of an electrical spray gun. lt is therefore not surprising, that just in Switzerland the 1 anniversary of thermal spraying was celebrated in September 2009. The organizers — the Swiss Association for Materials Science and Technology (SVMT) in co-operation with the Swiss Welding Society (SVS), the Swiss Society for Surface Technology (SGO-SST), the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa), and
Nova Werke AG — presented the developments in thermal spraying from the last ten decades.

09.02.2011 Dynamic Airflow Military System - DAMIS-400-16

The Nova Swiss DAMIS-400-16 is a high pressure filling bench designed to pressurize 16 capacities up to 400 bar at the same time, in less than 30 minutes. These DAMIS-400-16 are used for launching systems based on pneumatic ejection in leading air forces around the globe.

09.02.2011 High pressure components and systems for hydrogen
Achievements of today creates the future of tomorrow
NOVA SWISS® is active since more than 25 years in the creation of the future – with high
pressure valves and products for the hydrogen industry. Continuous developments result in
diversified use.
We all know that hydrogen is something special. Being the most abundant of all elements
which exist in the universe does not automatically mean that the lightest gas is an easy task
to handle. Until today, handling and storage of hydrogen requires special technologies.
Thus, to find the best solution is a continuous task that is challenging research and
With the NOVA SWISS® trademark, Nova Werke AG develops and produces high-quality,
standardized as well as customized high pressure components and systems for hydrogen in
pressure ranges from 500 – 4000 bar as well as other fluid and gases in pressure ranges
from 500 – 10000 bar.

30.11.2010 Suitability confirmation for quality assurance according to norm KTA 1401

In November 2009 the quality management system of Nova Werke AG passed the short assessment according to Nuclear Regulatory KTA 1401 successfully. The Nova Werke AG, will therefore be included as contractor with basic suitability for services specified in the Confirmation of delivery and services provided in the list of German nuclear power plant operators in VGB Power Tech e.V.

16.07.2010 100 Years of Thermal Spraying and no End/or End of the Flag Bar?

Approximately 70 participants attended the centenary celebration “100 Years of Thermal Spraying”.

The goal of this conference in honour of the Swiss inventor Max Ulrich Schoop was to give in one day an overview of the developments of the last 100 years of thermal spray technology, i.e. process developments, as well as materials and gases used therefore.

08.10.2009 supplier awards for outstanding quality and on-time delivery performance
Nova Werke AG has recently received supplier awards for outstanding quality and on-time delivery performance from Alstom (Switzerland) Ltd. as well as Wärtsilä.

05.06.2009 Successful accreditation of the environment standard acc. to ISO 14001:2004

Nova Werke AG has successfully obtained SQS accreditation of the environment management system ISO 14001:2004. It has further re-certified its MS with ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO/TS16949:2002. TS16949 is the harmonized standard for the automotive industry in the registration of automotive quality management systems.

01.10.2008 NOVA SWISS and the press

An informative report about NOVA SWISS "Engine Components" was recently published in "Marine Propulsion".

17.07.2008 Double Block and Bleed Valve – a new product in the NOVA SWISS® VFT range

Besides the already well-known block and bleed valve (BBV), NOVA SWISS has just recently introduced a valuable addition, a double block and bleed valve. User and equipment can be protected and the new product meets all regulations in off shore applications. All sizes (1/4", 3/8" and 9/16") do have full bore and go up to 20'000 PSI / 1,380 bar. Laboratories benefit with this space saving solution by avoiding leaks and by being able to disassemble the measurement instrumentation without having high pressure on the equipment. Further, the lifetime of gauges can be extended because they are pressurized only if needed.

07.07.2008 Successful re-qualification of ISO/TS16949 and ISO 9001:2000

NOVA's product line "Engine Components" has successfully obtained SQS accreditation of ISO/TS16949:2002. Nova Werke itself has successfully past the qualification for ISO 9001:2000 again. ISO/TS16949 is the harmonized standard for the automotive industry in the registration of automotive quality management systems.

05.12.2007 Interviews for 2008-apprenticeships (poly mechanics) completed

NOVA WERKE AG has been successfully training apprentices for more than 30 years. Our company is assuming its responsibility to offer graduates a perspective in the working environment. Our objective is to enable apprentices a solid and modern training and education.
At the same time, motivated and well trained professionals are of decisive importance for the successful continuation of Switzerland's working place. Providing apprenticeships within our company also helps to secure the required skills and competences of our future workforce in NOVA's production.

Various candidates have shown their mathematical and technical competences in an appropriate test during the last few weeks. Some of those candidates will be invited to so-called trial days. Subsequently, the vacant positions will be offered to qualified candidates, who will start their apprenticeships in August of 2008.

01.10.2007 High Pressure Technology: Great visitor interests at the AIRAPT / EHPRG 2007 in Catania
Many customers took advantage of this year's AIRAPT / EHPRG and discussed new project ideas with our HP specialists. We wish to thank all our customers who visited us and contributed to the many interesting contacts. We are looking forward to realize some of the promising projects together with our partners.

14.08.2007 Inauguration of new NOVA lab
The build up of our new NOVA-Laboratory containing the latest state-of-the-art equipment has been successfully completed. Supporting tasks in R+D, quality control, failure analysis or general questions concerning material technology can be competently processed. Subsequently, the new NOVA-lab is well prepared to support all product lines to meet increasing customer requirements today as well as in the future.

14.06.2007 NOVA SWISS and the press

An informative article about NOVA SWISS was recently published in the June 2007 edition from our industry's flagship, the „Diesel & Gasturbine Worldwide" publication.

22.12.2006 Les travaux de rénovation de NOVA WERKE AG sont achevés

En 2005 et 2006, notre siège d'Effretikon a fait l'objet de rénovations de grande envergure. La première étape a consisté à munir les ateliers de production d'un nouveau toit en verre et à revêtir la façade d'une isolation efficace.